Numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are organized regularly by the college. The Cultural Committee and the NSS unit of the college take whole-hearted initiative in organizing these activities. The NSS unit organizes Annual Winter Special camp with commendable success. The college also organizes programmes like Freshers’ Welcome, Teachers’ Day celebration, lectures on value based education, birthday celebration of Rabindranath Tagore and similar other activities.


The college students are enthusiastic in games and sports. The Annual Sports Meet of the institution is organized with a lot of enthusiasm by all the staff and students in the college ground. Some of the students also participated in the University Sports Meet.


  • All the rules and regulations of the college declared at different times of an academic session should be followed and obeyed by the students.
  • Loitering around the corridors, classrooms and examination halls is strictly prohibited.
  • Absence of a student from any examination in the college shall be treated as an act of misconduct and breaking the discipline of the college. If a student is unable to appear in one or more examination, he/ she should submit appropriate reason for his /her absence to the concerned Departmental Head or the Officer-in-Charge.
  • Ragging is strictly forbidden in the college. If anyone is found guilty of ragging shall be punished according to the Court of Law. It is also to be noted that during admission, students and their guardians are supposed to submit an anti ragging affidavit as directed by the Supreme Court. Affidavits may be filled online at the following websites: OR